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The educational resource "Taekwondo" has been created for those who take a great interest in this martial art.

The site consists of informational blocks displayed in the menu.

1. The informational block «Theoretic section» contains the data on taekwondo history, philosophy, taekwondo grandmasters, its health improving effect.

2. The informational block «Base technique» has such sections «Stances», «Attacking and blocking tools», «Vital spots», «Hand techniques», «Foot techniques», «Sparring», «Self-defence technique», «Tul».

4. The informational block «Clossary of taekwondo terms» includes the names of the main body parts and technical activities in Korean and their English equivalents.

5. The informational block «Library» contains books on taekwondo.

6. The informational block «Video» includes clips of taekwondo masters.

As part of preparation for the educational resource the materials from Choi Hong Hi’s "Encyclopedia of Taekwondo" have been used.

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