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Fingertip (Sonkut)

This is a special tool found only in taekwondo. The usage of it varies according to the target. The form of the hand is just the same as that of a knife-hand as far as straight, flat and upset fingertips are concerned. The fingertips are the parts used and a great emphasis is placed on evenly aligning the three fingertips - forefinger, middle finger and ring finger.

Flat fingertip (Opun sonkut)

The palm is faced downward at the moment of impact. It is chiefly used for attacking the ribs, eyes and occasionally the abdomen.

Straight fingertip (Sun sonkut)

В момент ударного взаимодействия ладонь обращена к середине тела бьющего. Используется для атаки солнечного сплетения и живота.

Upset fingertip (Dwijibun sonkut)

The palm faces upward at the moment of impact. It is mainly used for attacking the public region floating ribs and lower abdomen, though occasionally the armpit.

Angle fingertip (Homi sonkut)

Bend the main knuckle sharply pressing the secondary knuckle of the forefinger with the thumb until the angle becomes about 90 degrees. It is especially useful in attacking the eyes or solar plexus from the right angle.

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