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L-stance (Niuncha sogi)

This is widely used for defence, though used in attack as well. The front foot is readily available for kicking with a slight shift of the body weight and with the advantage of half facing as well as body shifting.
  • Move one foot to either front or rear to a distance of approximately one and a half times the shoulder width from the footsword of the rear foot to the toes of the front foot, forming almost a right angle. It is recommended that the toes of both feet point about 15 degrees inward, placing the front heel beyond the heel of the rear foot about 2.5 centimeters to gain better stability.
  • Bend the rear leg until the knee cap forms a vertical line with the toes, bending the front leg proportionally.
  • Keep the hip aligned with the inner knee joint.
  • The ratio of the body weight is about 70 percent on the rear leg and 30 percent on the front leg.
When the right leg is bent it is called a right L-stance and vice-versa. It is always half facing, both for attack and defence.

Right L-stance
Front view
Right L-stance
Side view
Left L-stance
Back view
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