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Rear foot stance (Dwitbal sogi)

This is used for defence and occasionally for attack. The advantage of this stance is the ability to kick or adjust the distance from an opponent with the front foot which can move spontaneously without any additional shifting of the body weight to the rear foot.
  • Move one foot to either the front or the rear at a distance of one shoulder width between the small toes.
  • Bend the rear leg until the knee comes over the toes, placing the heel slightly beyond the heel of the front foot.
  • Bend the front leg, touching the ground slightly with the ball of the foot.
  • Keep the toes of front foot pointing about 25 degrees and the toes of the rear foot about 15 degrees inward.
  • Distribute most of the body weight on the rear foot.
When the right foot is in the rear, the stance is called a right rear foot stance and vice-versa. It is always half facing, both in attack and defence. Be sure to keep the knee of the rear leg pointing slightly inward.

Right rear foot stance
Front view
Right rear foot stance
Side view
Right rear foot stance
Back view
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